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Leo Putz Werkverzeichnis
Abbildung aus dem Werkverzeichnis Abbildung aus dem Werkverzeichnis

Abbildung aus dem Werkverzeichnis

Abbildung aus dem Werkverzeichnis
zum Verlagshaus Kastner
"Over the past years there has been a growing number of pictures on the market, that probably would not have been bought, if there had been a better knowledge on my father's oeuvre. That is why I have taken up the mission to compose a pictured catalogue raisonné, in the stroong belief, that not even the best description can make up for a photograph [..]" (excerpt of the preface)

The catalogue raisonné of the painter Leo Putz is a comprehensive composition of the more than 2700 works of the artist, combined with substantiated background knowledge of life and works of the artist. The author, Dr. Helmut Putz, son of the famous artist Leo Putz, has combined his extensive and detailed knowledge with contemporary documentation to a most imformative catalogue raisonné.

Volume I

    • Vita
    • Oeuvre - selected works in chronological order
    • 500 full-page highest quality, high gloss prints
    • 520 pages
Volume II
     Details on life and works (in German)
    • more than 2700 black/white pictures, down-scaled
    • Complete index of all works known to the author:
      • early works
      • figurative works (including Scholle, Schleissheim)
      • still lifes, interior
      • Hartmannsberg
      • South America, Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
      • landscapes, South Tyrolia
      • caricatures
      • phantasm and Ttheater
      • graphic works
    • 480 pages
Dr. Helmut Putz
Son of the artist, contemporary witness and connoisseur of the artist's works

Leo Putz jun.

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